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Welcome to School Council 2016-17

At St Elphin's, we have a hard working group of children who are dedicated to projecting the voice of their fellow pupil's. The children were chosen by their classmates at the start of the academic year and are important role models. Our school values and high expectations of behaviour are woven into the ethos of our school council. The children add in their magic 'pupil voice' to create a unique blend.

We are:

Y6 School Council Chair Sharon

Y6 School Council Vice Chair: Aidan

Y5 Sasha & Lilly

Y4 Eve & Niamh

Y3 Ashton & Evie

Y2 Eva-Mae and Isla

Key facts

We are supported by: Miss Buckley

We meet: Every fortnight

We are helped by: Our deputy school councillors in class council meetings.


Host class council meetings

Share our ideas and have our say!

Complete special missions for our 'Head Teacher' and 'Deputy Head'

Show special visitors around the school

School Council News

The School Council help to make St Elphin’s a healthy and happy school. Each class shares and construct ideas which enable the school to become a better place.

We are currently running a non-smoking poster campaign to educate parents and carers into not smoking, in or around the school building. The aim is to educate everyone into avoiding all types of smoking behaviour (this includes cigarettes, cigars and vapes). The competition winning entries will be put on the website when they have been announced. WATCH THIS SPACE!

In addition, please may you turn off your cars’ engine whilst you drop your child off to school. This is important because of the pollution that your car produces which affects the environment and our health. Thank you very much for your support.

We have been doing a survey about our school dinners for two weeks. We will be continuing this survey for another two weeks. We have been doing this survey because we have new menus for school dinners.  Our aim is to find out what everyone thinks about the new meals. This is a great way to show our school’s pupil voice.

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