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Queen Elsa visits St Elphin's

The children in reception had an amazing launch day on Thursday. They have been writing messages to Queen Elsa because Olaf has gone missing from the palace at Arendelle. Olaf was caught on our school CCTV, having a look around our school; the children were amazed to see the photos and made maps to try to find him. 

After receiving the children's letters and maps, Queen Elsa decided to visit school to see if she could find Olaf herself. Whilst visiting Reception she accidentally froze some of our toys into big blocks of ice; the children had to problem solve to try and free our toys so that they could go back in the provision. Elsa even froze the paints in the painting area; the children enjoyed painting with the ice!

Although we didn't find Olaf, Queen Elsa decided to send the children gifts for being so helpful; there were lots of pens and pencils for the children to write postcards. The children were very excited to get replies from Elsa when they wrote her a message too. 

Reception finished the day by making snowman biscuits for snack and exploring  melting marshmallows in yummy hot chocolate. They had an amazing day and learnt lots about freezing and melting. 

We wonder where Olaf could be?! 

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