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St Elphin's School FIRST Hopes and Dreams week is a huge success!

Hopes and dreams

This year we held our first ever HOPES and DREAMS week in school. The aim of this week was to encourage all of our children to dream BIG, to recognise their own gifts and talents and to see how others have used their gifts and talents to pursue their dream careers or to overcome barriers which have sent them in new directions. We wanted the children to see that they have so many opportunities ahead of them and to inspire them as to what they may wish to do in the future. We had a really exciting week with lots of fantastic visitors and projects. There are so many things to share that we have had to put in several pages. Keep moving your mouse to the right to see the others appear.

Nursery learn all about People who help us!

Nursey 1(6)
Nursery 2

Reception - Learning to be a Farmer at Stockley Farm and meeting people who help us

Reception had a fantastic day visiting Stockley Farm as part of their science learning and Hopes and Dreams Week. The children loved helping out with the animals.... I wonder how many of them want to be farmers?

During Hopes and Dreams week, Reception had lots of visits from people who help us.  These included a police officer, a nurse, a firefighter, a hairdresser and and IT manager. Heather (from Little Penguins) talked to the children about her allotment and let them sample some of her home-made jam for snacktime. The children were then artists-- they decorated their own flower pot. Then they were gardeners- they planted their own pansy. They then sold the plants for £2 to raise money for Alder Hey children’s hospital. 

The reception and Nursery children raised £110.00. They did a fantastic job. 

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