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Hope and Dreams Week KS1

Year 1

Year one had a fantastic week. They had the opportunity to speak to a lady from Cheshire Dogs Home, Mr Luter (caretaker) and a fireman. They each wrote their own questions and we created a special time capsule book to save for year six. It’s a lovely keepsake to look back on. The children’s comments make you smile and their reasons for their chosen further job are fantastic. 


First, on Monday Rebekah came and she told us all about her hopes and dreams. Her hope and dream was to be a cake baker but her dream kept changing. Then she changed her job and she baked cakes. Then she did some crochet and put it on a Youtube channel.  She was good at crochet.

On Tuesday, we watched Mia do gymnastics.  She was amazing.  I hope Mia goes to a competition or the Olympics.  She might.  I felt inspired by her.  She did cartwheels.  I loved it so much!

After that, on Wednesday, Anne came and told us about the bible and the Philippines.  She was a missionary in the Philippines. She told us a story of a cobra trying to scare her.  She asked Jesus to help her and the police came and took the snake away.

Next, on Thursday, the firemen came to tell us about their job and safety rules. They told us about how they became fire fighters and we went outside and looked at the fire engine.  They said they enjoyed their job, being a fire fighter.  They told us about their first aid kit and suits. It was great seeing them enjoying talking about being a fire fighter.

Finally, on Friday, Robert Parker came and talked to us about his job.  He worked at the pharmacy and then his job was writing and reading books but one day when Robert was playing football, his knee cracked and he couldn’t work or play football for a year and a half. But he enjoyed writing books, at his house, with his wife and children. He had always wanted to be a writer and get his book published and I’m glad his dream came true!

Meet our top class GYMNAST

We are very fortunate in school to have two top class athletes who are following their hopes and dreams for a bright future! Mia was able to share with Y1 and Y2 her amazing gymnastic routine which was incredible!  She also talked about the steps she has taken to get this far and what is next for the future. See her in action in this photo.

mia 2
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