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Hopes and Dreams Week in Year 3 &4

Year 3

In Year Three we looked at planting hopes and helping them to grow into dreams. The Year Three children planted seeds, designed boxes for their seeds and wrote recipes that would contain their seed product (e.g. Tomatoes on a pizza or peppers in fajitas). This was to help them understand that our hopes need us to work hard and take steps  in order for them to become a reality.

As well as taking part in lots of fun activities, the children were able to listen to various guest speakers who shared their stories. This allowed the children to understand what is required to turn a hope into a dream.

Year 4

Year 4 had a very interesting trip to the Arnold Clark garage on Farrell Street. They were very well looked after by all the staff there and learned how to sell a car, saw the garage mechanics in action and even got to sit in some of the cars! Arnold Clark were amazing in helping the children understand the various jobs undertaken at the gararge and also gave the children a lovely goodie bag to come home with. The children then designed their own dream cars as a follow-up to this activity.

Top class swimmer.... at St Elphin's

The second of our amazing athletes is Ronnie, who has so many medals and awards for swimming, he will soon need his own house to keep them in! Ronnie, very kindly share about his journey, his training and his competitions with our year 3 and 4 children. They were in awe of Ronnie and all that he has achieved.

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