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Year 5 and 6 share their Hopes and Dreams

Year 5

Year 5 spent the week thinking about their Hopes and Dreams for their future careers. They chose a career path they were interested in, researched the requirements and then created an information text all about how to reach their particular goal. We're very lucky to have a huge variety of talents in our classes, including aspiring surgeons, comic book artists, teachers, professional sports players, actors and even a singer or two. Speaking of which, Years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to have a singing lesson from a professional singing coach, in which we performed a rendition of 'A million dreams' from The Greatest Showman. Later in the week, we had a fantastic visit from Mr Williams: a headteacher and football coach (he coached Wayne Rooney!). He taught us all about resilience and the importance of having goals for ourselves. Additionally, we had a talk from Jodie, the founder of the charity Caring Matters Now. She inspired us with her determination to achieve against the odds. We also had other visitors, including a professional brass tutor, our French teacher and even some students from Sir Thomas Boteler. Overall, we had an amazing week which left us with a million hopes and dreams buzzing around in our minds. Thank you to everyone who came to inspire us! 

Year 6

Y6 had an extremely enjoyable week for 'Hopes and Dreams' week. To start the week off, we went to Chester Zoo, where we met with Zoo Keepers and Scientists. We found out what it was like to look after the animals, as well as their sleeping and eating habits.  One of the favourite animals we encountered was the sloth; we found that not only are they slow at moving, but their digestive system is unbelievably slow too! They only excrete once a week! This inspired us to become Zoo Keepers and when we go back to school, we wrote some non-chronological reports about caring for our favourite animal. 

We then had a visit from a singing teacher, who truly inspired us. We practiced a song from, 'The Greatest Showman' and learnt the skills needed to warm up our voices accordingly. We found out what it took to be a singing teacher and she helped us to realise that getting a strong skill-base from an early age was key! 

Additionally, we had visits from someone who specializes in Kinetic Massage, a Football Coach and a Scientist, who each told their story. We soon realised that it was ok if our dreams change course as we grow up, but it was imperative that we have them to begin with! 

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