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St. Elphin’s Maths Day this year was celebrated by a whole host of activities!

In Nursery, the children were using dinosaurs to help form numbers, count to 10 and add one more. Reception children focused on the number calculations they know and the patterns they could spot and Year 1 children explored making 3D shapes with 2D shapes. In Year 2, the children looked at tessellation and weather charts and explored days of the week, months of the year and used data to answer questions. The children in Year 3 created art work with 2D shapes and in Y4 they created acrostic poems using mathematical vocabulary. In Year 5, the children linked Maths with P.E. and Topic lessons to create a mini Grecian Olympic Games and measure the distances from each activity. Year 6 looked at how it was possible to create a parabolic curve and they used this to get very creative and they came up with some wonderful designs!

As you can see we had lots of mathematical fun! Hope you enjoy the pictures

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