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UK’s harshest critics (AKA Year3!) tried and tested a range of foods from around the UK this week!

We sampled the delights of Cornwall, Yorkshire, Cheshire and many more!

We could tell you what the children thought but I think we’ll leave that to them:

“Today my class and me have tried some foods around the UK, from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.” Lucas

Potato Cakes (N.Ireland)
"I tried the potato cakes. Unfortunately the potato cake had black bits on it but I was OK I still tasted it and it was delicious". Laeba

Red Leicester
"Red Leicester cheese was my favourite however there were other yummy foods too! It was nutty and sweet. Despite that, I was still hungry but it filled a gap!" Grace

Cheshire cheese
"Fortunately I like the Cheshire cheese despite it being a bit strong. It’s colour was white, kind of yellowish as well.  This cheese was my favourite and it melted in my mouth." Matilda.

Welsh cakes
"The Welsh cakes are not very nice (to me). They smell floury and fruity. Some people around the world like them." Ebony

Smoked salmon (Scottish)
"Fortunately it was my favourite food. Unfortunately it had an aftertaste but it’s still my favourite."

Scones from Yorkshire
"Despite the fact that it looked very crumbly it tasted so tremendous. It felt like it was breaking although it wasn’t.  It was sugary and yummy. It didn’t really smell of anything. They were from Yorkshire."

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