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Each week we are celebrating some of the fabulous work you have been doing either at home or in school. Your teachers have been so impressed by this work that they have decided it deserves to be shared with our whole school family. To make it onto this page, it has got to have been awarded the OUTSTANDING seal of approval by your teacher, so a huge WELL DONE from all of us to you!


After playing the 'Doubles' game, Kielle went through all of the numbers and doubled them mentally. We think she is a super star too!



YEAR 1: We have been amazed by Jake's home-learning this week, when he learnt all about capacity in Maths. What a super video! Absolutely excellent work, Jake! 

Jake video.mp4

YEAR 2: Akshaj has written a wonderful story called 'On the way home' We were really impressed with his beautiful joined handwriting, and use of descriptive vocabulary in his brilliantly imaginative story.



YEAR 3: This week we have chosen Ralph's work because of the understanding and super standard of presentation he has shown in creating a story mountain for the 'Fate of Fausto'

Y3 Ralph

YEAR 4: The teachers had a few pieces of WOW work they could have chosen from this lesson but they have chosen Logan's  because he wrote a fabulous rainforest poem using figurative language and similes.


YEAR 5: In Year Five we have started our new unit of fractions in Maths. Lennon has been working exceptionally hard and we are so impressed with how he uses models and diagrams to show his understanding every day. Keep up the amazing work Lennon!


YEAR 6: WALT:  understand how animals evolve

In Year 6 this week, the children have been thinking about how cladograms (diagrams that depict evolutionary relationships among groups) are used to show how specific plants and animals have evolved over time. The children initially watched a video that saw the evolutionary process of the whale- starting at a creature 48 million years ago that survived on land (Pakicetus), to the 'whale' we know today. From this, the children thought about how sweets have developed and 'evolved' over time. Manya has then created her own cladogram on the evolution of chocolate! (Mrs Noble greatly approves of your choice of subject!)

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