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Learning information for individuals/bubbles instructed to isolate

Hello everyone - this page has been added to the website specifically to include information about REMOTE learning - that is learning from home when an individual/group or bubble in instructed to isolate. We are trying to make it as useful and helpful as possible and any constructive feedback on how this could be even better, is welcome - please direct your feedback for the attention of Mrs Noble at the school email address.

How to log onto St Elphin's school VLE

VLE instructions (1).mp4

This short video shows you how to log onto the school website and VLE. If you experience any problems or have lost logon details, please contact the school office from 9.00 onwards on the first day of isolation.

Once you have logged into your specific year group VLE, you will find your weekly learning plan and all the resources you need to complete your learning. 

Questions you might have about Remote Learning

  • How long should I work for each day?

    You should work from 9am - 3pm so that it feels just like a normal school day. If this isn't possible then you should aim to work the equivalent number of hours. Make sure you build in time for breaks and lunch!

  • What happens if I don't understand something or need help?

    You can always contact the school office by email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your teacher will check in with you at some point during the week to see how you are doing. You can also message your teacher using the VLE to let them know what you need help with. You could always spend extra time reading, practising spellings, completing TT Rockstars (KS2) or Numbots (KS1)  or going back over something you have recently learned. There is always plenty to do!

    Also, where a new idea or new learning is introduced, we are trying to make sure there is an instruction video you can watch to help you to understand it. You can pause and rewind it as often as you like - your own personal teacher! 

  • What happens if I can't access the internet from home?

    Our recent surveys to both children and parents have highlighted any gaps in access to technology and these are being addressed. The majority of responses suggested that most families are now able to have good access to the internet. However, if for any reason you are struggling, please email school with the heading REMOTE LEARNING ACCESS ISSUES so that we can try and support you as quickly as possible. In the meantime you could be getting on with an activity that doesn't require internet access. We are trying to make sure there is a good balance of activities so that not everything relies on the internet.

  • What should I do with the work I have completed

    Any work completed should either be photographed/screen shot and sent back to your teacher on the VLE. If that isn't possible or it is an activity that has been completed in your remote learning book, it should be kept somewhere safe ready to bring back to school at the end of the isolation period. It will then be kept somewhere safe for 72 hours before teachers will look at it and give you some feedback.

  • Will I have missed important learning?

    Absolutely not! During the first week of isolation you will be completing a key skills pack that will be given to you in school. This will give your teachers time to prepare a remote learning version of the learning and activities that will be taking place in school. This means that during week 2 you will be doing the same learning as everyone else. All your learning and resources for week 2 will be posted on your year group VLE

  • What do I need to have ready to work?

    You will need

    • A copy of your logon details for the VLE - this should be written in your home school planner.
    • Remote learning Exercise book. You will be given squared paper for your maths learning.
    • Access to the internet on a phone/tablet/laptop or other device
    • Pencil and/or pen, ruler and colouring pencils.

Important information for parents/carers

We hope these documents are useful in supporting your child whilst they are remote learning. As further information becomes available, we will add new material to this section of the page.

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