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We have been such busy Eco Warriors!

The Eco Warriors have been very busy this half term!

The children began by launching a competition to create a school eco-code (see below) 

We were so happy with the responses to the competition, and the Eco-Warriors had a very tough job deciding who would be our winner. The children chose Lucy from Year 1’s entry (also below), as it covered all of the 9 Eco School topics – Energy, Water, Biodiversity, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Transport, Litter, Recycling and Global Citizenship! Well done to everybody that entered the competition, we are so proud of you all!

The children then had another very important job to do – they had to complete an environmental review of the school. The children answered the questions in the questionnaire, based upon the 9 Eco School topics, and for any questions that we were unsure of, Mr Luter kindly helped us to answer. The children even went on a tour of the school to find out where the electricity meter and boiler are kept! They were fascinated with both, and discovered that the school uses eco-friendly wood pellets to fuel the boiler, as well as water saving devices in the toilets! We also found out that electricity is measured in kilo watt hours. The children realised that our school is already doing lots of amazing things to be eco-friendly! 

The children then had to use the information from the questionnaire to create a school action plan:

The children have set themselves targets as Eco Warriors to ensure that the action plan is carried out effectively. We will be meeting next half term to discuss how much progress has been made, and which areas we still need to improve upon.

Well done, Eco Warriors! You have worked very hard this half term to help improve our school and raise awareness of the 9 Eco Schools topics. We are extremely proud of you all!


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