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Welcome to St Elphin's CE Primary School


We give you a very warm welcome to St Elphin's Church of England V.A Primary School.

At St Elphin's, we are an aspirational school with high expectations, firmly rooted in Christian Values. These Values underpin and drive all of our learning and attitudes, making school such a positive, happy and purposeful place to be.

We are all on a learning journey together; discovering, nurturing and growing each person's talents, strengths and skills.

Our staff team is passionate and determined to inspire every child to develop a love of learning and life; encouraging and supporting them to understand their role as responsible citizens with a positive contribution to make.

Our children are truly amazing and very proud of their school. We work in close partnership with home, the Church and the community in order to give the children a strong support network in which to flourish. St Elphin's is a very special place where we happily learn, care, serve and share together, in faith.

Mrs A Bennett


School News Feed
  • Important
    20 March 2020
    A message of huge thanks
    Dear Parents, As I closed the gates today I felt a mixture of sadness and gratitude; sadness that we will not be together as a learning community for sometime and gratitude to all of you as parents for the lovely messages of support that we have received. We now move into a period of unknown territory and we have to navigate this together with kindness, patience and clear communication. Your children have been utterly amazing this week which has reinforced what we already know- that St Elphin's is a beautifully unique and exceptionally special place filled with the most amazing adults, children and families. We will miss all of our gorgeous children and look forward to us all coming back together as soon as we can. Can I wish you a peaceful weekend and we will continue to update you next week. Our school office phones will be monitored Monday to Thursday 8-4pm and Friday 8-3.30pm (as best we can) and you are also able to email us at stelphins_primary@warrington.gov.uk. We will continually update our website and Ping out any relevant updates. Remember that if you are struggling to access School Ping at any time, our whole school updates can also be accessed on the homepage of our website on the live feed. Warmest wishes, Alison Bennett Headteacher.
  • Important
    20 March 2020
    Covid-19 School Update
    Message from St Elphin's Primary School. Dear parents/carers, We have now allocated provision for pupils whose parents fall into an appropriate category or are key workers and cannot educate their children at home . The parents of these children have now been messaged and had a follow up phone call from school to confirm this and outline the arrangements for the coming weeks. If you have not received a Ping and phone call, your child will not be attending school from Monday either because you do not fall into a category identified by the government or school have not received the appropriate information or communication from you to identify yourself as a critical/key worker. Many thanks.
  • Important
    20 March 2020
    Critical workers urgent request for ID
    If you have contacted school over the last 2 days to identify yourself as a key/critical worker and have not yet sent ID to confirm your role, we are currently unable to respond to you to confirm your child's place in school from Monday. We have been working throughout the day to try to complete a list of pupils but sadly have a considerable number of pupils for whom we cannot confirm due to a lack of ID. If you have not yet sent ID, you MUST do so by 4.30pm today. All those who have sent ID will receive a phone call shortly. Many thanks for your co operation and patience if you sent your ID early today. I can assure you that we are working tirelessly to try to provide the appropriate provision for all eligible children as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a place to those children for whom we have not received ID and been able to confirm the key/critical worker role in line with the government guidelines. We will be organising arrangements this afternoon for the coming weeks for confirmed children. Alison Bennett Headteacher.
  • Important
    20 March 2020
    Critical/Key worker guidance
    Message from St Elphin's CE Primary School. Thank you for your patience at this time. The most recent government guidelines on 'critical workers' (keyworkers) stresses that people must avoid unnecessary social gatherings and work on the following key principles: If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. Parents should also do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults. Therefore we request that all families of critical workers only use the facility of school if absolutely necessary. By the nature of bringing children into school we are gathering a group of people together and school has a responsibility to reduce this number as much as possible. Put simply, the government inform us that children are safer at home and this is why schools are closing. If you have no other alternative and are a critical worker please contact school by 12 noon today. All critical workers will need to provide an photo ID badge or a letter from their employer confirming their status as a critical worker. Whilst this may seem over and above it is vitally important to schools that we are working within the stringent government guidelines. School is also working hard to support children with a significantly reduced workforce from Monday. We appreciate some people called yesterday to identify themselves as a key worker. We will be reviewing the list this morning and will be in contact. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.
  • Important
    19 March 2020
    School update
    Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you for your patience and support in this very worrying time. As you are aware, school will be partially open in line with the government guidelines and will provide updates and clarity as we receive this during today and tomorrow. We are advising all parents/carers to keep your children at home if you can. If BOTH parents/carers are key workers, as defined by the Government and have no alternative but to send your child to school please can you inform the office by 1pm today and indicate your key worker role so that school can put plans in place for the coming weeks. We will continue to update you as the day proceeds. Thank you for your support. Alison Bennett Headteacher
  • Important
    18 March 2020
    Government announcement re school closures
    Message from St Elphin's CE Primary School. Please find attached letter following the Government announcement regarding school closures.
  • Important
    18 March 2020
    School update letter
    Message from St Elphin's CE Primary. Please find attached school update letter.
  • Important
    18 March 2020
    Useful guidance on talking to your children about Covid-19
    Message from St Elphin's CE Primary School. Please find attached useful guidance for parents on how to talk to your children about Covid-19. The following link is also helpful to explain the current situation to children and also offers translated versions in various languages. https://www.mindheart.co/descargables
  • Important
    17 March 2020
    Covid-19 community project
    Message from St Elphin's CE Primary School. Please read the attached and respond if you are able. Many thanks.
  • Important
    16 March 2020
    Important Covid-19 update
    Message from St Elphin's CE Primary School. Please see the attached update for your information.
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Our Half-Term Christian Value in Spring 2 is CREATIVITY and the British Value is MUTUAL RESPECT

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